LIFTED: Lake Alert Issued for Lake Sue

Entered on: January 08, 2019

UPDATE: This Lake Alert has been lifted. Please resume all normal water contact activities for this lake.


To address citizen concerns related to water quality, the Stormwater Section has developed a public information system, "Lake Alert," to provide seasonal and localized warnings (and updates) for City of Orlando lakes. An announcement has been provided below regarding the lake(s) where water quality has been a concern.

Type of water quality concern: Possible elevated fecal coliform counts due to a sanitary sewer overflow from private lift station

Location: S Lake Formosa Avenue, near the intersection of Haven Drive

Cause: Malfunction of bypass valve closure at a private lift station. Approximately 1,000 gallons of sanitary waste entered the street and stormwater system.

City Response:  Private contractor repaired damaged valve closure and cleaned all areas impacted by the spill, including the Urban Trail and S Lake Formosa Ave. Prior to cleanup, City staff cordoned off the impacted areas to prevent public exposure. On January 9, 2019, Warning Signs will be placed on the bike path bridge, shoreline of Mennello Museum of American Art and Lake Rowena Park.

As a health precaution, the City is advising that water contact activities cease until further notice, including irrigation. City Stormwater personnel will collect bacteria samples on a routine basis. Once bacteria counts drop to acceptable State Water Quality Standards, the Lake Alert Hotline number and the City's Lake Alert website will be updated.

Public Notification – Please continue to call the Lake Alert number, 407.246.2220, for the most up-to-date information regarding your lake. During weekdays, the City's Lake Alert website, will also have the latest information.

For further information regarding the sewer discharge, please contact Athena Tipaldos, Water Reclamation Compliance Manager, at  For water quality questions, please contact Lisa Lotti, Stormwater Compliance Manager, at