Buddy Dyer


mayor buddy dyer
Mayor Dyer Official Portrait 2018

Together, we’ve transformed Orlando from a place that was packed with potential into a City that is realizing its potential.

For most of Orlando’s history we’ve been the place everyone wants to visit. Today, Orlando is also the place where everyone wants to live and do business. List after list has Orlando as one of the fastest growing cities in America. We’re transitioning from our role as the young upstart to being a more mature, global City

This didn’t happen by accident. Together as a community, we developed a shared vision for our City and focused on creating partnerships to achieve this vision.

Our vision ensures we are generating jobs, becoming the most sustainable City in the nation, keeping our community safe, making it easier to get around, increasing quality of life and ending homelessness

Key Priorities


The City of Orlando strives to meet the needs of all residents who choose to call Orlando home as well as the millions of visitors that vacation in our great City each year by offering a combination of economic, cultural and educational opportunities.

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Mayor Buddy Dyer recognizes that economic development doesn’t just happen at City Hall, it happens when partnerships are formed between private business, nonprofits and government agencies to impact our community. That’s why as a region we are working together to attract corporate headquarters and support new and existing businesses.

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The City of Orlando and the entire region remains committed to ending homelessness. Our regional strength that has been applied to other projects, like SunRail, will be used to house and support our chronic homeless population. We are implementing a national model for housing the chronic homeless called Housing First.

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The top priority for Mayor Buddy Dyer is the safety of our community. The City of Orlando is committed to working with our residents and business to keep our neighborhoods and Downtown a safe place to live, work and play. Overall crime City-wide is down for six of the last seven years, which equates to a 20% decrease since 2007 and our fire department has a Class 1 ISO Rating and International Accreditation – making it one of only 15 departments in the nation to have both.

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The City of Orlando has worked to become one of the most sustainable cities in America by greening our buildings, food, waste, water and transportation, ensuring that we protect our natural resources and amenities for our residents and future generations to come. Our sustainability efforts also include the Smart Cities initiatives, which are helping us move forward with building a data-driven infrastructure that will support safer, cleaner and more efficient travel and an improved quality of life for our community.

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Keeping Orlando moving continues to be a priority for Mayor Buddy Dyer. Providing multiple alternatives such as  transit, bike and pedestrian forms of transportation will offer all those who live, work and play in Orlando options for getting around the City. This offers a variety of affordable alternatives to having a car and connects more of our residents with access to jobs and opportunity.

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